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Golfwrx Member ID: Myunghs18

Got fitted into the Proxima Driver shaft late last year at a very reputable (Golf digest top 50) fitter.


+2 handicap, driver SS around 110mph.

Have always played with a 70 gram range X-stiff shaft in my driver. For the longest time, I was using the Diamana ltd white 7x.

Transitioned into the Kai'li white 60x last year with my Paradym TD driver and had good results with the club. 

With age creeping in and not being able to practice as much in recent times, I went for a fitting to find a shaft which would do more work for me. 


Honestly went into the fitting thinking i'd be fit into something like a ventus blue 6x, or ventus red 6x, or something less boardy than the Kai'li white. to be.

Kept an open mind during the fitting and tried everything given to me. Ended up getting fitted into Proxima 5S. Could not have guessed a 5S shaft in my bag in a million years. 



Light (of course!), but not too whippy when you waggle. Feel super smooth when you swing it, with it loading a little closer to the mid section.

At impact, it is a firm crack. The tip section has a very nice firm kick to it.


My initial assumptions when i was first given the shaft that it would would accentuate my left miss was totally blown away. 

Nice small fade (5-10y) on every shot. Even on shots where I felt a toe-strike, expecting to see a low, toe-draw resulted in a very nice straight shot that was a 1-5y draw.

Ball speed up by at least 5-8 mph on average. I have a GC Hawk setup at home where i hit balls pretty often. 

Swing speed up by about 3-5mph, topped at 116 mph on my hawk on one strike which carried 301 (tight draw onto the green) (but this one i was really trying to push the limits to see what the shaft was capable of).

Carry distance has increased by 10 - 15yards. Used to carry 275 with a good strike (Paradym TD, Kai'li white 6x). Now a good strike carries 290++.

Ball speed used to be averaging 156-160, now averaging 165, topping at 169.

Dispersion with a gamer swing is very predictable and tight

Dispersion with me trying to absolutely rip one is pretty similar to what i used to have with the Kai'li white.



Given that it is a 5S, i had to adjust loft down to 8* from my stock 9*. 

Low contact on clubface kicks spin up to close to 2900, but very stable ball flight., still carrying 270+.


Post - Fitting:

Did not test the 5X, but read reviews from Korea where players compared 5X to 5S and indicated 5X is much straighter and penetrating ball flight. 

I did not test 5X as the feel at impact with the 5S was super similar to a Ventus Blue TR, which is about as "stiff/boardy" as i wanted my new shaft

Played 2 rounds so far since getting the new shaft. Definitely see a huge jump in distance.

There is Par 5 which I always leave myself 220 - 240 in after my drive. Both times i've played since, I have left myself 190(pured) & 205(low heel fade) into the green. 

There is a Par 4 where a fairway bunker guards half of the fairway about 265 from the tee. Used to be able to carry the bunker on a really good strike, have carried the bunker easily on both occasions.

Slowly getting used to the shaft, and can control a draw / fade with the shaft now. 

"I have literally never been so straight and long off the tee."

Blake Woods

" I'm not exaggerating when I say that I have probably hit  90% of fairways with an average carry of 290 and there's the best advantage."

" I have been playing every day with the shaft. … I'm taking lines off of tees that I have never been able to because I have never carried the ball that consistently far. It's truly a huge difference! I have been waiting to write you because I was going to have my friend who has some status and has played with me for many years and he has been amazed at how much I have improved with the shaft. He calls me Auto. It feels like I have been pretty automatic in hitting fairways with awesome distance. I would be willing to pay $1500 if I broke this shaft. Thank goodness I have a great friend like you, but I don't want to play with anything else because I know that the ball is not going to go left on me, and I can hit tight draws or power fades and pull it off when I need to. A person can feel the difference in stability and the way you can feel the club head just by waggling the shaft. I would be shocked if the best players who have access to any shaft, would not choose your shaft after using it. My friend swings a Fujikura Ventus and he loved it, but then he hit my driver and he wants me to ask you how much he needs to send you for the same shaft you sent me. I don't want you to feel like you have to give him a great deal, although he has a great chance of making it through q-school this next year. He missed Monday qualifying for Farmer's by one stroke and he missed a 3 foot putt to get in. He's a special talent. He has guys that are members of Whisper Rock paying for his tournament entry fees and travel expenses because he has the talent of a tour player in the top 50 in the world. 
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"Belt-less, built for speed"

Matt Blois

" New personal best ball speed today — had it up as high as 189.9mph at one point but they weren’t as good a flight as these. Belt-less, built for speed 💨 🪽 "

"Hit 334 meters(365 yards) with Proxima 4S"

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The Proxima shaft is genuinely a high-performing quality shaft that seemed to straddle the middle grounds between ultra-light and flexible distance shafts (AF, FF) and top-tier conventional offerings (Ventus, Tensei). I particularly appreciate that the shaft seemed to impart less fatigue over a round of golf as my hands and arms felt less vibrations from mis-shots off center. 

The Proxima shaft may be hard to get a hold of due to its exclusivity and higher-end pricing, but for serious golfers with serious intent to better their game and feel good about their swing, it is definitely worth a look.

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